There are many considerations when deciding on a farm, but when John took on Press Mains two years ago he knew there was one key criteria. The farm had to meet with Doug’s approval. It needed to be Doug’s idea of Dog Friendly. After all the wide open spaces of the Scottish Borders are a long way from the leafy lanes of Hampshire. Moving so far away from what was familiar may have presented a challenge to some. But not Doug. He is delighted with the move. Press Mains is Doug’s kingdom and he is certain that everything here is for his benefit.

Doug is a four year old Patterdale /Jack Russell (a Patter-Jack) terrier cross. In his early life he was run over and had to undergo extensive surgery to his hind leg. As a result he walks with a bit of a limp, but many people suggest this just adds to his roguish charm. And charm is Doug’s best asset; because it’s certainly not obedience or reliability. Taking every opportunity to slip away un-noticed Doug is on first name terms with many local farmers.

Because we really are dog friendly, freedom to roam is something that is shared with every canine visitor at Press Mains. While of course we don’t encourage dogs to run wild (because of the inevitable concerns for their safety) it is reassuring to know that your dog is welcome here. Our cottages are equipped with dog bowls and cages are available if you want to keep a dirty dog contained for a short while. There are even jars of dog biscuits in the kitchens. What our guests say is the biggest attraction, however, is the fact that they can walk their dogs anywhere on the farm. All we ask is that they are well-behaved and kept on leads near livestock.