A family-run farm in a secluded wooded valley

A working farm

The cottages are at the centre of an 1,100 acre working farm. Set in a secluded valley, we grow a range of arable crops, including wheat (for distilling), barley (for animal feed), oats (for milling), OSR (for cooking oil) and vining peas (for retail). The views therefore look different throughout the year; from ploughing and bare ground in the early autumn, to lush green fields in the spring and early summer. In the late summer the cereal crops turn golden and at harvest time the fields will be dotted with bales.

Sheep & Hens

We also run a small flock of breeding sheep which start lambing in early March. The ewes are black-faced Suffolk Crosses and speckle-faced Mules and we put them to white-faced Texel tups (rams). We lamb the flock indoors, putting the ewes and their lambs outside once the grass is growing and the weather is warmer. Lambing is a busy time but we are happy for our guests to come and see us and to help feed any orphan lambs.

In a rather palatial run at the bottom of the gardens there is a small flock of laying hens who provide fresh eggs for guests staying in the cottages.


Within the farm are two rivers and various ponds which attract wildlife. Guests will often see deer grazing across the farm. It is also home to badgers, foxes and otters and there are large numbers of bird species including mallard, teal and several types of owl. The land is interspersed with hard tracks which are ideal for walking. We are completely dog friendly and always encourage our guests to explore. All we ask is that dogs are kept on leads when walking near sheep.

Caring for the environment

Farming is our business but we also care for the environment. We follow good farming practice in all that we do, limiting the use of fertilisers and pesticides to the minimum. Since arriving at the farm in 2016 we have actively managed woodlands and hedgerows, planted grass margins and set aside some wild spaces to encourage wildlife. All cottages are double glazed and insulated to a high standard and there are recycling facilities on site. We use a district heating biomass system based on sustainable locally grown timber. We also generate enough electricity through our wind turbine to power 30 -40 houses which is exported to the national grid.



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