Environmental responsibility

Farming practices

Farming is our business but we also care for the environment. We follow good farming practice in all that we do, limiting the use of fertilisers and crop protection products to the minimum.

Woodlands, hedgerows and grass margins

Since arriving at the farm in 2016 we have actively managed woodlands and hedgerows, planted grass margins and set aside some wild spaces to encourage wildlife.

Green energy

All cottages are double glazed and insulated to a high standard. In addition, we use a district heating biomass system based on sustainable locally grown timber which ensures that the cottages are warm throughout, with ample supplies of hot water.

Sustainable electricity

We generate enough electricity through our on-farm wind turbine to power 30 -40 houses which is exported to the national grid. A second wind turbine provides all the electricity for the farm cottages.

Wood-burning stoves

For added comfort, wood-burning stoves are supplied (free of charge) with home-produced logs.


There are recycling facilities on site, with bins provided near the car parking area.